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Dress and Attire :

Wearing professional ballet clothing is expected of the art form & keeps muscles warm.

Class Level Attire & Performance Colors

CLICK on images below for list of attire* to be worn at all Parent Observations & Performances.

     *Any color leotard and skirt can be worn for daily classes.


Level 1 & Level 2 : Pre-Pointe:

  • Age 9 - 12

Black leotard2.jpg

Intro A & B Level:

  • Age 6 - 8 

Leotard, Black...toddler.png

Level 3-6 : Beg Pointe - Adv

  • Age 13-18+

Pre Ballet:         

  • Age 2 - 6 

Anchor 1
Wrap/pull-up skirts...$18
Tights (all types/sizes)...$5
Studio Inform Set...$75 
with personalized name inside jacket at order
  • basic colored...$15
  • princess cut...$18 
  • long-sleeved...$22
  • camisole (nude)...$22 child/$26 adult
Character Shoe ....$30
Contemporary Shoe ....$8
**Please note: We don't sell ballet shoes at this time. You can find them and have them fitted to your student's  feet at a professional dance clothing store.  Dance Shop in Idaho Falls is a suggestion.
If you can't find a price for other items that are listed click the email link below!

Order with us!

  1. Click on level image to find dancer's required items.

  2. Note each item with respective color.

  3. Note the size of each item as you will pay for return shipping ​​

  4. To order contact Jaeme Adamson with​ the following information: the item(s), color, size and quantity ...................................     #208 -709 -8011

Sizing Charts

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