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BSB dancers are expertly placed into the level that will best suit their current skills and growth potential. Enrollment in our classes signifies that you are trusting us to place your child in a class where they can reach their full potential. It is not unusual for a student to stay in one level for multiple years. Placement is determined partially on consistent attendance. Showing up for class each week shows us your trust & commitment to the process of learning allowing for potential growth in our program.  When a dancer prefers other activities over attending classes or family demographics can't support weekly attendance we tolerate this to a degree with the mutual understanding that the art of classical ballet demands a certain amount of discipline to be achieved.    

Pointe Students

Dancers are required to pass a 'pointe readiness' examination with the BSBTA Director. We strongly suggest they receive a medical examination by a personal trainer or physician (may include an x-ray). This is to ensure the growth plate in the foot and knees are fully formed.


Disciplinary Action

A dancer who is not maintaining attendance or level requirements or becomes too disruptive in class will meet privately with a parent and Miss Nikkii to discuss a plan of action. If the situation persists, a dancer can be placed on temporary leave until the dancer is ready to return to our rigorous training.

Attendance & Cancellations

Closed Studio

Students work best with the least amount of distraction as possible. I have learned if parents attend classes with their student it causes more disruptions in training. Please follow our 'closed studio' policy. If this is a concern for you, please contact us so a plan can be made. We will have designated parent observations for you to be able to see your students' progress. 


Late or Absent Policies

There is unavoidable amount of disturbance, so, try not be late. Tardiness disrupts class causing a full class distraction for other dancers who were on time.  Too many disruptions or absences shows inability for success in ballet discipline that will be demanded by the art later in training.  Dancers who frequently drop in and out of studies will become frustrated, ultimately, dropping later because of large holes in training. Student may be asked to set a parent meeting up or be removed from role in our performances if being in a technical ballet training or performance is too much at time.  Especially, applies if important mandatory rehearsals or final costume fittings, etc are missed.​


"Miss 3" Level Standard:  (For our Level Program dancers - Company members) 

The "Missed 3" is where only 3 classes can be missed in a season without a result in a student or chorography falling behind. After 3 missed, dancers are expected to make up classes in one level above or any levels below.  Our Director does notice who makes the effort to do this. Dancers have class placements, positions & performance casting based on commitment shown in the program & its requirements.  Dancers who frequently prefer other social events or activities or have family demographics that fail to support them in consistency in their classes will be tolerated to a degree with the mutual understanding that the art of classical ballet demands a certain amount of discipline to be achieved.  So, those who do not find the time to make up their missed classes will not be rewarded with solos duets or trios essentially with progression our ballet program.  Especially within our Company outreach program.

Cancellation of Classes

Classes run as scheduled unless notified through Facebook, email or text. If public schools close because of winter weather conditions ballet classes are cancelled. At BSBTA, we follow Blackfoot District #55 scheduling.  Don't hesitate to call or text us for clarification. Communication here at BSBTA is very important!  

Note for Parents

Please have your dancer use the restroom before coming to class, especially younger dancers. There is a restroom available off my garage, if needed.  Dancers should wear their street shoes when walking in, NOT their ballet slippers. 


Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated.
Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.
Note for Students

Respect the studio, other students/families and the instructors.  This means no talking over the instructors, talking back or about others in the studio or in other schools.  No chewing gum.  No answering cell phones during class (unless approved by instructor).  Respect yourself by attending each class as to not cause extra frustration. Keep hair and attire with in the code of the school.  Try not to be late often and if late, enter respectfully quietly & bow to instructor!

Dress & Attire

Dress & Attire
Daily Class Attire

Wearing professional ballet clothing is expected of the art form & keeps muscles warm.


  • Hair - Full bun pinned back neatly, no bang.  NO pony tails!  

  • Leotard - Any color of leotard can be worn (must have assigned colorfor PO day)

  • Tights - Full convertible, ballet pink.

  • Skirt - Assigned wrap or pull on.

  • Ballet shoes - Professional quality canvas or leather, pink

  • Jewelry - Discouraged, unless small in size.

  • Boys - slim t-shirt, ballet pants, socks and black dance shoes.


Class Colors

To be worn at all Parent Observations & Performances.

Please come with hair in a professional bun, clean tights with no holes, and light makeup (or as directed).


Our performances focus on the quality of movement allowing classical technique to shine. Costuming is delightful but not the focal point of our shows. BSBTA does their best to efficiently use the low performance fees by designing costumes around a student's basic attire, cleaning/restoring old costumes, relying on the help of parent volunteers and paying for the performance venue.  Our program director is determined to help each student be technically ready and confident performers. 


Parents Observations are great practice performances! Each season a week is designated for dancers to invite others into the class setting. This gives parents/others an opportunity to see classwork and how dancers have progressed. Classical level students are required to attend their scheduled parent observation. Exceptions can be made if an out of town family member wants to observe class on a different day, just notify our instructor in advance. Note: Pre ballet and younger students are not required to perform but can still attend their parent observations, if they express concern.


Our year-end showcase is usually after the last week of classes in May (see 'Events') Family and friends are able to enjoy an elegant performance. Mandatory attendance required for final costume fitting, two dress rehearsals in-studio & BPAC and then of course the actual performance.  ALL dancers/parents should know dates ahead of time, keep healthy and be in attendance to be able to perform.  Not following these are reason for invitation of temporary leave.

Parking & Pick-up Policies


Our dancers' safety is a high priority at our studio.   As of now, I do not have a waiting area inside the studio. Therefore, when classes are excused students under 7 will be lead out to meet parents in the pick-up area a few minutes before and after classes. When a parent DOES NOT show for pick-up, dancers are brought back into the studio to wait. No exceptions! Complying with these drop-off/pick-up policies keep ALL dancers safe and comfortable.


If you are carpooling, please inform the instructor ahead of time so that there is no confusion.

Colder Days 

Parents are invited into the studio briefly to drop-off or pick-up their students.  Please dress your dancer warm.  

Driving Directions

Enter 585 W

Continue down to the end and around the cul-de-sac

Drive to the edge of the blacktop at 210 S

Follow drop-off/pick-up line and let dancer(s) out by curb next to the gravel road

Do not pull down gravel road!

Parking or staying a while?

Continue past drop-off/pick-up area and park on the street in the front of small horse arena. Please, do not park in front of my home. 

Parking & Drop-off/Pick-up
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