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"Diamonds are found in unlikely places." - Miss Nikkii 

  • Could it be your child or someone you know? We are looking for young artists in the community who want to join training in our program. 

  • Maybe you are not interested but you know someone who would be!  We need your help to share this email details with anyone local.  We are offering this scholarship program for the local community of Bingham County, as we have dancers who travel to us as far as Shelley to attend our wonderful program.  



Not sure what would help you be a good candidate?

We are looking for ages who can understand the demands of formal training &are curious

about learning formal training.


We are looking to include more males/boys who would want to learn a new skill as an artist or athlete. 

Ballet is fully supported in almost every area but locally.  Why? This program aims to change that!


Do you have a child who has always wanted training but the cost of 

classes, gas, attire and time as a whole has stopped you from starting?


Maybe you are already dancing with us and want to communicate

what your dancer and your family's demographic is now.



Why a scholarship program? You MUST need students? False, we have a full studio of focused dancers.  This is not about getting more attendance for us but for filling a need in our rural area's demographic.  Offering the community more exposure to ballet as a whole.  


Does Blackfoot need Classical Ballet? It's not really valid in today's dance world?  False, this was reconfirmed while attending a teaching summit this past summer. We heard Master instructors, choreographers and broadway directors from New York City and California, tell everyone repeatedly, "quality ballet training is even more valid in today's professional dance world than it was in the past".    


There are many dance programs already in Blackfoot?  True,  for decades the local focus publicly is more competition dance, gymnastic and cheerleading training base.  These programs are wonderful for any community.  The public has become accustomed to those demographics.  Blackfoot does have a need for growth in all performing programs to excel their youth and adults just like in our neighboring cities, Idaho falls and Pocatello.  

Who is paying for the scholarship program? Miss Nikkii already offers inexpensive training and performance costs to her studio families.   Most of what the school makes is funneled back into creating a more enriched program.  She believes in this cause.  She developed from out of town scholarship programs as a young student under several master ballet instructors.  For the past 18 years she has offered in-studio scholarships; it is just recently that she is extending the opportunity to the public.  

How long do I have to fill out the online form?  We close applications after we have received around 10-15 applications to be reviewed.  The process will open up again mid season for the following season of training. 


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