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Meet Our Founder and Director:

Updated: Jan 10

A Note From Our Director:

"For those new to the studio, some dates, cost or breaks (specifically, the one in February) may seem abnormal asking, "Why is it done this way in this studio?"  

This question gives me a chance to introduce myself as your dancer's mentor!  

  • I am a solo director, which means; I direct, facilitate, create and teach everything.

What does this mean while in my program?

I am professionally seasoned to teach somewhere between 20+ in-studio hours a week using syllabuses from professional training & certifications. This allows me to engrain not only my deep love of ballet but train traditional ballet structures in a modern world. I do this all while I balance moods & the training of 9 different levels ranging from age 3 to adults weekly. I also hold personalized meetings, assessments, private conditioning & motivational discussions for individual dancers throughout each week.
I create all my shows, design show storylines with original choreography along with finding, buying and splicing music, conceptualize show set design and design all the costuming for the entire show. A designing process that sometimes has me making around 100 costumes per show.

I also facilitate all the office paperwork, offer a community scholarship program out my own studio funds, update our website and design then manage our rehearsal schedules.  This is mostly all outside of paid class time while teaching weekly classes. Most of what I do, no one sees, pays for or a lot of the time even thinks about it.


So, in closing, here is what I will ask of you while joining me on my adventure. So, now that you can see how I direct every moving part in my program and how it makes it so very special to be a part of, I ask for everyone to remember, I am striving.  I am striving for more training in the world of ballet like we've never had here in our rural area of Blackfoot . Remember each year the program develops, I know I am asked to carry more. I am forced to play catch up living on hopes, dreams and promises of a brighter future for the studio. I have hope that with time and enough community involvement it will shift this dynamic as a solo director. But until the timing is right and with more people joining in the cause, I am leading this adventure by leaning mostly on God, my Savior Jesus Christ, my darling supportive husband, family friends and YOU, my studio families who believed enough to go on this adventure with me.  Sometimes all I need is time and support while I prepare and renew myself. Stay patient and kind. This way appreciation is felt with both parties. I so dearly love teaching and most of all teaching the love of dance to my dancers in our Blackfoot area."

 - Miss Nikkii    

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