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In Memory of Marilyn Peery

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The late Marilyn Peery taught every dancer she came in contact with how to reach beyond the normal and mundane. Classical teaching is my grandmother's legacy that she gifted to me.  She was a very well known as a 'Master' teacher to all those whose lives she helped mold in the classical art of ballet.  What I learned since her passing in 2019 is that she also was a huge advocate for adult training in ballet. 

She facilitated a large program in her school where she taught many adult students who enjoyed training later in their life. She even went on to receive grants to help keep the program going. Some of her students developed so well when taking classes with her that they even went on to teach and become facilitators. They brought more Ballet to their local area, including here in Eastern Idaho.

She never stopped teaching dance as she always had her hand in teaching or mentoring older dancers well into her 70's.  Much of my forward thinking as a dancer and knowledge as a teacher came from her.   It's been such a honor to know I have embodied this passion of teaching adults in my own career since 2007. 

I am so grateful to say I have so many supportive adults who have graced my classes over the past decade.

Thank you for keeping this passion alive in my legacy.

Without supportive participation I wouldn't have the opportunity to teach one of my very favorite classes!

Nikkii Peery Riley

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