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The Art of Classical Ballet

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

What we are doing to provide you with the best classical training possible.

We choose to promote individualized training for each student in our program over yearly profiting so that each student is seen, has less injuries and each receives the best growth in training as they are willing to put in the effort to achieve it.

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is only visible for a moment.” - Erol Ozan

Classical Ballet is a disciplined art form focused more on progression within oneself. There may not be trophies or competitions to attend, but when ballet is performed correctly, it paints beautiful pictures on the mind.

Why is Ballet Relevant Today?

The depth of self-mastery is why ballet creates such exquisite dancers. This self-mastery can also benefit cheerleaders, gymnasts, ballroom dancers, and sports athletes. Ballet technique is the base of any type of dance.  It is crucial to start at the beginning of dance to acquire the technique necessary to build a strong dancer.

Students who train in this art form become exceptional artists. (Classical level classes usually have opportunities with guest artists or other workshops.) With personal artistry, they may become their own master in their training; especially when choosing to continue training at a professional level. 

One such example is when ballerinas dance on pointe. Pointe is one of the most elite forms of dance. However, it demands disciplined training for the proper strength to execute the technique correctly & safely. To avoid injury to young feet and dancers, on-pointe training is offered to girls over the age of 11 who are approved, have attended their classes constantly for least 2 years with BSB, and have passed examinations. 

*Beautiful dancers can still go far and never put a pointe shoe on.

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