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Storytelling in Ballet

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Theatre in ballet creates an atmosphere of story-telling progression.

Theatre is a large part of dancing that is often forgotten in early years of training.  Ballet without theatre leaves dancer with beautiful lines but no way to tell a story. 

Theater/acting classes promote and wake up creative expression and enrich the lives of those involved.  Acting and the performing arts can increase confidence, foster compassion and friendship, expand vision, develop creativity, enhance memorization abilities, cultivate interpersonal skill and deepen understanding of oneself and the world that surrounds.

"The body is our instrument and art." - Misty Copeland

The full theater classes will be mostly through guest artists that will come in to teach them new concepts throughout the year or in acting workshops in the summer.

The Origin of Theatre and Ballet

Ballet's origin were founded from he Renaissance era. The Italian and French court cultures were traditionally full of dancing performers and would invite the audience to participate.

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