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Why PBT?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

What is Progressing Ballet Technique and why are my students learning it?

Progressing Ballet Technique is a revolutionary world renowned medical back training program for dancers and athletes of all ages. Created in Australia by Maria Walton-Mahon, PBT helps in training muscle memory to achieve one's best in ballet training. Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is unique and essential for future ballet dancers. BSBTA teaches with PBT to all dancers training traditionally and classically over the age of 7.  

What it is giving the students of today who will surely be the stars of tomorrow is priceless.” - Jessica Fyfe

Benefits For Dancers Training In PBT :

  • Prevents injury

  • Strengthens weakness

  • Improves mindfulness

  • Refines body awareness

  • Nourishes strength & alignment faster and safer

  • Inspires education on unique genetic challenges that arise while dancing

  • Students learn all medical terminology for the muscles and bones they use in dance

*Miss Nikkii is a Level 2 PBT instructor with over 25 years of training and teaching classical ballet as well as has 3 certifications in the Barre Fitness Program.

Understand Your Body While Training

"BSBTA dancers are already meeting their fullest potential. [They] have more strength in their core, stability, muscle control, and balance since [the addition of] this program in 2018.  My dancers saw a difference within the first week of classes." -Former BSBTA Parent  

...Not a BSBTA dancer but want PBT?

There are options for you even if you are dancing somewhere else or train as an athlete in another sport.  Contact BSBTA for an evaluation (including private lessons) or attend the next annual PBT Workshop we hold each summer in August.


To be sure to keep correct pace, posture and placement with the bands/balls while doing exercises, a dancer has to be formally released by Miss Nikkii to practice ANY exercises at home. 

Students are to ONLY do conditioning under the supervision of the certified instructor in the class setting, 

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